110 - Superfine Tail Comb, 9" x 1", 12 per case

  • Closely spaced glide-point teeth
  • Ideal for perm wrapping and back combing
  • Hand-cut, sawed and polished combs will not rip or snag hair
  • Made from 100% organic resin
  • Developed to duplicate the weight, hardness, feel and performance of the original bone combs
  • High heat resistance comb ideal to use with popular hair straightening techniques like Brazilian keratin hair straightening, Japanese straightening and traditional flat ironing

While other combs are quick molded plastic, each NuBone comb is hand crafted from 100% organic resins. Every handle, tail, and tooth is hand sanded and polished to an exceptional finish. This exceptional finishing makes each NuBone comb less likely to rip and snag hair.

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